StarCraft 1: Secrets of the Confederation – Infested Installation

Starcraft Mass Recall Cheats

Starcraft Mass Recall Cheats

Credits, Gas, Minerals and Units Hack

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The first, and currently only, map that is part of Veeq7’s project, Secrets of the Confederacy. Requires using a modified executable through Brood War on patch version 1.16.1, which applies a variety of changes, most noticeably custom AI scripts. Can be played co-op through iCCup!

FYI: Modified executables for Brood War function similar to trojan viruses by injecting code upon game startup, therefore Windows Defender and other virus scans will flag and attempt to automatically remove them. You will likely have to manually approve these files when trying to run the executables. All the mods that I have played have ONLY modified Brood War, so I vouch for their safety. In any case, run at your own risk, obviously.

Get it here:!qrBF1QLb!MXBuIJjsQuBNdOmpzuEEow
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StarCraft: Mass Recall is a remake for Starcraft 2 which recreates the Starcraft 1 and Starcraft Brood War campaign missions in the Starcraft 2 engine. The mod uses audio, unit gameplay and cinematics directly from the original game.




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Units, Credits, Gas & Minerals plays a vital role in the game, and you need to keep it in mind. The use of Sc2 Cheats can help the players to make big amounts of Credits, Gas, Minerals & Units quickly to win the Starcraft 2.

Starcraft Mass Recall Campaign 1: Rebel Yell
Mission 5: Revolution

Starcraft II is a science fiction real-time strategy video game. Starcraft Mass Recall is a fan-made custom remake of the Starcraft 1 campaigns in the Starcraft 2 engine, available to download. Revolution is the fifth mission in this playthrough. All missions are done on Hard.

The mission takes place on Antiga Prime, where the colonists under the confederacy are ready to start open revolt. Arcturus Mengsk decided to accelerate the process.

The objective is to meet with Sarah Kerrigan and liberate the colonists.

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