Starcraft 2 – Currencies and Sources That You Need To Know!

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Credits, Gas, Minerals and Units Hack

Credits are a form of currency that is used in the Starcraft 2 game.  This specific type of currency is utilized by the Terran Confederacy, Kel-Morian Combine and the Terran Dominion. There are various kinds of techniques to earn the currencies of this game. Let me start from completing the missions. Therefore, once players start focusing on the collection of currency of the game, then he or she has to completing various kinds of missions perfectly. Even many smart players are already using the starcraft 2 cheats and suggesting others to generate the desired amount of currencies in the game. 

Not only this, you can complete some other great missions along with bonus objectives that would be supportive for you earn the fund for free. If we talk about the use of the credits, then players can use them for an upgrade or hire something in-game. There was a bug that came in the update of the game when all the missions where completed prior to the final Char missions and other additional credit could be automatically earned by just replaying missions via the archive on the difficulty. Now I am going to share some wonderful aspects related to currency of the Starcraft II game. 

Resources of the game! 

In the Starcraft 2 game, players will find three different kinds of resources, such as Minerals, Vespene Gas, and Supply.  Therefore, all of these resources are explained in the following points –


Minerals are the main resource of the game. Harvesters mine 5 mineral on ever trip. If we talk about the standard expansion then it has 8 mineral patches that consist of 4 large nodes along with 1800 minerals on ever patch. Instead of this, 4 small nodes come along with 900 minerals on per patch that make a total of 10,800 mineral per base. 

  1. Rich Mineral Fields – Rich mineral fields give the opportunity to the workers to carry 7 mineral on ever trip instead of five. Even a gold base mostly has only 6 mineral fields instead of 8. You can use the sc2 cheats in order to earn the currencies of the game genuinely. 
  2. MULE – There is a temporary unit called The Terran MULE, which can mine 25 minerals on ever trip on any mineral field, but not possible in long-distance mining. 

Vespene Geysers 

Vespene Gas is possible to harvest from the Vespene Geysers, but a building have to be built on the apex of the each geyser before mining is possible. These buildings such as Refinery for terran, Extractor for Zerg and the Assimilator for Protoos are the example of top buildings on the geyser. If we talk about the Vespene Geysers then the name of Rich Vespene Geysers hold a great place. 


Every unit needs additional resources called Supply, so the amount of supply can be really increased by the building of some specific building or units. Not only this, For terran, Supply can be increased by building supply depots.